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Increase of production of RQ-3Kf

Following the success of industrial testing and marketing in 2016 Russian Quartz plans to significantly increase the production of RQ-3Kf grade this year. RQ-3Kf is...

RQ-1K – new grade of HPQ for semiconductor applications

Russian Quartz starts production of a new HPQ grade under the name RQ-1K which is developed especially for use in semiconductor applications Chemical content and particle size distribution...

Russian Quartz LLC renamed high-purity quartz concentrate RQ-Os to RQ-3K

In connection with standardization process and unification of high-purity quartz concentrates’ classification, from March 24, 2014 specialists of Russian Quartz LLC renamed the HPQ concentrate...

The reagents for flotation processes shifted to imported liquids

After the experiments we decided to choose imported reagents participating during flotation to improve the constancy of chemystry quartz product

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