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We rely on constant improvements of techology to meet quality standards formulated by innovative industries.

Our wide experience in raw quartz enrichment helps us to create the unique technology of quartz mining and purification granting high efficiency of the process and quality of end products due to control-by-operation management system. This technology guarantees the quick reaction to the variability of input parameters producing the high purity quartz delivered from different deposits There is a number of the typical stage each quartz crystal gone from the mining to the packaging:

1_4001. Mining

Lump quartz is extracted from the OAO KOGK mine near Sludorudnik place with subsurface method. The mining technology is based at the Project of underground extraction prepared by Institute of Mining Ural branch of Russian Academy of Science in 2000. Extracted raw material goes to the pre-processing plant nearby and resulted “lumps” are delivered to the dry concentration factory to Sludorudnik place.


2. Dry concentration

After lump got crushed, milled, calibrated to the different sizes prior to the grade we are like to produce, quartz pass through the magnetic separation units and then we deliver it to Kyshtym manufactory by trucks.

.jpg_400_013. Deep purification

Here is performed the finishing purification of pre-processed quartz to desired quality with the help of so-called “wet” enrichment processes.

image009_5654. Quality control

Each enrichment stage and finished production quality is performed in the manufacturing laboratory of the enterprise.

Types of finished products

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