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Quartz Products

Different construction materials for different branches are made from quartz:

  • Radiotechnics (electrical frequency regulators, filters, resonators, parts of ultrasonic devices, etc)
  • Semiconductor industry (crucibles for chemically pure silicon)
  • Optics (spectrographic and monochromatorical prisms, ultraviolet optics lens)
  • Space industry (telescopic lenses, gyroscopes, elements of high-tech optical systems applications)
  • Lighting industry (lamps and sources with specified transmission spectrum of radiation
  • Fiber optic industry (waveguiding pipes, fiber)


  • Unique wowen and nonowen materials are made from quartz
  • Fused quartz is applied in producing of special chemical vessels
  • limpid quartz with beautiful color gradations is a semi-precious stone and is widely applied in jewellery
  • quartz is used in medical equipment
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