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Quartz & Silicon

4-solar-panel_400Silicon (Si) is number two of the most common base elements in the Earth. Meantime, Si is never enconted in the pure form. Mostly it is available in the chemical compound with oxygen that is well known as quartz.
Nowadays there is a great demand in pure silicon as a semiconductor material. None of our modern computers could exist without it. The same is true for photoelectric converters which are used in industrial models of solar-cell arrays.
Existing silicon manufacturing technologies cannot do without quartz and its products.

Silicon is the basic element both for semiconductor industry and for solar photovoltaic equipment. The demand of high purity silicon is constantly growing year by year. However all the present technology of manufacturing silicon is dramatically connected to quartz. Generally some kind of quartz ore is using as raw material to obtain silicon. Moreover the products made from high purity quartz like crucibles and quartz powder is irreplaceable part of technology to obtain high purity silicon.

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