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A quality assurance of our enterprise is based on non-stop financial support of research, experimental-industrial and constructional development utility.
jpg_309The head of R&D department is Vadim Kuzmin, a Chairman of the Committee of scientific and technical development of Board of Directors, candidate of science and OAO KGOK Director General. Vadim Kuzmin has copyright certificates in the sphere of mineral processing from primary ore preparation to finished drying of the concentrate (certificates No. 1459726 d.d. October 22, 1988, No. 1543637 d.d. January 29, 1987, No. 1592956 d.d. May 15, 1990 etc.), as well as patents of the Russian Federation (No. 2253159 d.d March 17, 2003, No. 2198023 d.d. September 2001) in the sphere of chemical processing, regeneration of applied components and disposal of chemical production.

We are investing in the R&D process in collaboration with Russian leading scientific institutes and academical organizations at the constant base

Our  nain R&D directions for 2009 are:

  1. reduction of direct cost of raw quartz purification
  2. lovering of environmental load
  3. utilization of industrial waste
  4. development of new high quality quartz products for internal and external market
  5. development of quartz powder spheroidization processing
  6. improvement of alkali and wash processing circles
  7. industrial automation
  8. introduction of continuous quality control system
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