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Special Application

jpg_223Apart from abovementioned fields quartz products are widely applied in chemical, atomical (quartz glass is resistant to radiation exposure) and metallurgy industry (observation glasses, quartz tubes and elements).

It’s hard to mention even one high-tech industry that doesn’t use quartz. Quartz resonators and semiconductors, light-emmitting diodes and liquid crystal elements, waveguides and lasers, solar batteries and innovative medicine, heavy-duty textile fabrics with unique properties, high-quality construction materials – everywhere quarts is needed.

Glasses and gyroscopes for space vehicles and not only them are made from pure quartz. The fact that Kyshtym quartz was in space as part of protective composite panels with which the hull of recovery ship “Buran” was covered is our crowning glory!
In spite of peaceful application quartz optics with its unique properties is used in special-purpose systems. Aiming systems including those with night vision made from quartz glass are accessible for hunters.

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