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jpg_250Kyshtym Mining is an internationally accepted enterprise. It has objective advantages which allow to use its potential and unique resource base of South Urals for successful work at the market with high investment potential.

At the moment Кystym Mining is interested in development of the following investment project:

  1. Production of goods obtained from quartz concentrates.
  2. Silicon projects:

o        Enrichment of metallurgical silicon to UMG sort (improved quality);

o        Production of high purity fractionated metallurgical silicon.

  1. Other projects:

o        Enrichment of nonmetallic materials for metallurgic industrial needs (refractory products).

o       Utilization of industrial wastes with the help of construction mixes and materials production.

All abovementioned projects are using practically worked-out industrial processes and technologies.
You may wish to consider participation in OAO KGOK investment projects.
In case you are interested we are ready to give you all information required.

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