Quartz (Russian – кварц [qvartc]), German – Quarz, Franch – quartz, Italy – quarzo, Spain – cuarzo, Poland – kwarc), SiO2. Quartz is the widespread mineral and one of the base component of the rocks. However there ale lack of quartz deposits having commercial attractiveness in the nature.
Kystym lens has unique characteristics helps us to supply world high-tech industry with different grades of high purity quartz.

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Kyshtym deposits of crystal quartz is situated on the Eastern slopes of the South Ural mountains. The total quartz length is 15 km, in sub-meridian dimension with width varying of 1-3 km. with total square of length is about 20 km2. The main source of raw materials of quartz is the object also known as lens #175 consisting of almost pure quartz with rare features. Our company produced high purity quartz since 1966. In Soviet era the plant supply 60% of domestic demand basically used for clear glass both for microelectronics and optical applications.
Today we are only company in Russia manufacturing high purity quartz both for domestic customers and for world market.

20/11 The Winner of the Competition
10/01 Increase of production of RQ-3Kf
Following the success of industrial testing and marketing in 2016 Russian Quartz plans to significantly increase the production...
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