Quality System


Russian Quartz’s production plants are certified for ISO 9001:2015 QMS standard for production and enrichment of high-purity quartz concentrates by DKS RUS LLC (Russia).

In addition to this, Russian Quartz has developed and applied its own quality control procedures, allowing to control all parameters and aspects of the production
of HPQ, from ore quality control to finished product storage and logistics to the consumer.

As a fundamental document for tracing the technological parameters of the production of HPQ for each grade a quality control chart is used by each manufacturing subdivision
of the Company.

RQ’s quality system: traceability

Process data on the release of each Lot with an indication of technological parameters at each stage of the production process are recorded in the Process Chart.

The Company guarantees full traceability of each Lot of the product at all stages of its production.

RQ’s quality system: SPC

In order to arrange continuous monitoring of production processes and product quality, Russian Quartz uses the SPC methodology.

PCN (Process Change Notification)

In the event of a significant change in product/process parameters, the Company uses the PCN consumer notification procedure.